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I've called this my 'Low Rider' table. The top is made from a combination of Sepele and Oak, finished in Danish oil and beexwax to bring the grain out. The legs are made from Ash and sepele, finished in water-based varnish to keep the lightness of the Ash. The table is 290mm tall (hence 'Low Rider), 780mm wide and 370mm deep. I have constructed it so it was be sent as a 'flat-pack' package and will need to be assembled on arrival with the included allen key.

Priced at £295 delivered, UK only. SOLD

I made this coffee table without plan and maybe rhyme or reason too! Most things I make I get inspiration as I go along and this ios the result in this instance. I know I wanted a split-ash leg of some sort and I did! The top was gratfully received from my local carpenters workshop and is solid Iroko, rare to find a single piece like this. The legs are fixed with glue and handmade walnut dAnyways here it is, the dimensions are 400mm tall, 650mm wide and 300mm deep.

Priced at £495 delivered, UK only.

This was my first Coffee table. I started designing the legs, in my head, back in January 2018 when I decided out of the blue to make some furniture.
The table is constructed of 18mm birch ply, double thickness which gives it a real chunky feel!
The legs are designed so that you can fit them with ease, which as well and a nod to IKEA means packaging and postage is easier and creates a more robust package,I will include bolts and a hex key.
The table dimensions are approximately 590mm wide, 460mm deep and 400mm tall.

Priced at £295 delivered, UK only.

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