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Tom Bridge Photography
Hi and welcome.


I have been taking digital images since I got my first digital camera back in 2001. I remember it well, being able to take a shot and review it instantly was such fun. I had always had film cameras but this was something new and exiting.

I mainly shoot landscapes but I consider myself an all-round photographer shooting the occasional wedding and kids party too. I hope to progress to doing more portraits in the near future.

'Child Portraiture' - Since becoming a dad, opportunities to go out and make landscape images have been few and far between and in a natural change for a new parent I feel I have developed a style of shooting child portraits that is different from the main. I like to make images that capture the moment as natural as it can be. This can be difficult and take many shots as I do not like to 'pose' my subjects, rather capture the moment as it happens. I prefer to make images in a natural environment as opposed to a controlled or studio environment. This approach is different as lighting and background distractions can sometimes be a challenge to use to my advantage compared to a studio setting but this 'reportage' or 'documentary' style works just as I like.

I prefer to work in black and white for portraits as colour can distract from the emotion of the image,I prefer to make texture and shadow the emphasis of the subject.

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