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Wall light - trials, fails and eventually a light at the end....

I didn't think it would take that long to develop a wall light, or a matching set of them...

Initially I wanted a curved wall /shade support but after countless fails whilst trying to bend 9mm ash, probably too tight a radius, I took the simpler option to start again. It'll do for this pair. I WILL get my bend supports but thats a bit of a longer process which entails upgrading the electricity supply to the workshop to be able to have a better (hotter) steam box. I think the wood wasn't getting hot enough to happily bend such a tight radius, I digress and remember I posted about this before, I'm happy tonight with my progress.

Here are a selection of images depicting my fails... ending up with a mounted, working wall light - as I say I'm happy enough with nearly finishing them.

As you can see from the last image, and it was always a concern of mine, was the heat the timber got to with a bulb in use but happily the led bulb I provide and specify in a warning note included with sales only gets to about 20 degrees, the timber only gets to 12 degrees at max :)

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