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More radiogram stuff (bit techy this month)

Well, thats another month gone by and I've been slowly getting to grips with whats involved in mixing wood working and electronics..

I've been testing 3 different amplifiers to see which one is best for my systems and I may be at the end of my quest...except...I have a new amplifier to trial turning up tomorrow...and this may well be the one to use from now on.

The newest amplifier has built-in WiFi (as well as Bluetooth) which will enable people to play via Airplay on their iPhones. Not being part of the (slavery) of the Apple ecosystem (I'd happily leave it out), but it's not about me! So the Airplay will stay and I'm sure will become a selling point for all the orchard dwellers out there..The amplifiers will also have a dedicated remote and app for control from your device :)

For all users it will have spotify connect capability which means that if you have a Spotify account (free or not although I've still to confirm that it works with a 'free' account) you can 'send' your tunes from your device/pc/phone etc to the radiogram and it will play it for you.

Unlike bluetooth which is tethered from your phone meaning if your phone rings, so will the unit, using spotify connect stops that happening. You can leave the house and it keeps playing !

Likewise if you are in the car using spotify, you can elect to send the sounds to another of your devices, i.e. your Radiogram at home, even if you're not there!! Anyway I digress again (yes it happens).

Aparently this new amplifier wil also work with DLNA and UPnP protocols which I think means you can play music from any compatible pc, not sure about macs obvs...

Other online streams included are here (apparently Amazon music only in available in the US)

Its worth stating that for the speakers I am not buying new, I am recycling preloved units, hifi speakers for my builds. This is a great green option and speaker design is another massive learning curve and something that I do not have time for just now.

I source these 'donor' speakers from various places including Facebook marketplace, gumtree, ebay and others and thoroughly test before I install them. I am constantly on the hunt for qood quality speakers and have aquired some great pairs recently.

Well thats about enough of a technical blog for this month so next month I'll be less 'wires' !!

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